What are the costumes worn by BTS in the “ON” MV? After all luxury brand?


MV of BTS “ON” released on February 21.

It was the title song of the new album MAP OF THE SOUL, and the scale of the MV was magnificent.

The number of views has quickly exceeded 50 million.

This time, I introduce the costumes that BTS wears in the MV of the new song “ON”.

First, Jimin’s costume.

Jimin’s dance is impressive at “ON”.

Jimin wore Rick Owens brand costume.

The jacket costs $ 8,000 and the pants cost $ 5,800, so it’s a good price.

V’s jacket was Rick Owens, as was Jimin.

The price is $ 2650.

Finally, Jungkook.

Jungkook has become more manly and sexy.

Jungkook was also Rick Owens jacket and pants.

Rick Owens had many costumes for the MV of BTS “ON”.

If you are interested, please check it out ♪