What’s meaning of “42”, TWS’s fan name? 


TWS debuted from Pledis Entertainment.

TWS’s debut song “plot twist” is a big hit and has won first place on various music programs.

Today, April 2nd, the opening of TWS’s official fan club “42” has been announced!

This is a video about fan club “42” posted on TWS’s official Twitter.

Although it has only been a short time since TWS’s debut, TWS is extremely popular.

The awaited announcement of their official fan club was great news for the fans.

The official TWS’s fan club “42” is pronounced “사이(SAI)”.

The name “42(SAI)” seems to embody the desire to “become the most special relationship with TWS, sharing every moment with you 24/7.”

In Korean, “사이” means “between” and “relationship.”

It’s a wonderful fan club name that fits the concept of TWS😆

TWS GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB 42 MEMBERSHIP is scheduled to open at 2pm on April 2nd.

Let’s check out TWS’s future activities♪