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Rocket Punch is back with new song “JUICY”!

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Rocket Punch debuted as the sister of Lovelyz.

Rocket Punch has some members who appeared in Produce 48.

Takahashi Juri from AKB48 also belongs.

Rocket Punch is back with a new song “JUICY”!

로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) 'JUICY' MV

This is the MV of Rocket Punch’s new song “JUICY” released on August 4th.

In the previous song, “BOUNCY,” Rocket Punch had a bright appeal.

The new song “JUICY” had a pop and cute atmosphere like Rocket Punch!

It was a melody and song that children and adults could enjoy.

The MV seems to be in the sea, so it’s perfect for the hot summer.

Some members had different hair colors and it was a fun MV to watch.

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Rocket Punch made a comeback with a bright and pop new song “JUICY”.

Rocket Punch will continue to comeback with various music programs.

Please check it out♪