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fromis_9 “Feel Good” MV released! Focus on the more beautiful visuals of fromis_9 members !!

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fromis_9 composed of members who appeared in the audition program “Idol School”.

Trainees from JYP, YG, and SM participated in the idol school and attracted attention.

fromis_9 is back with a new song “Feel Good”!

프로미스나인 (fromis_9) 'Feel Good (SECRET CODE)' M/V

This is the MV for fromis_9 “Feel Good” released on September 17th.

It was the first comeback in about a year and three months since the previous song “FUN!”.

In the “Feel Good” MV, you can see fromis_9 members who have grown up to be beautiful women.

There were many feminine choreography in dance.

It’s a wonderful song !

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I think fromis_9 members were happy with the comeback after a long absence.

I want to see the performance on stage soon!

Please check the MV for “Feel Good” ♪