What’s meaning of RIIZE “Talk Saxy” ? Comeback with a sexy dance song! ?


RIIZE debuted from SM Entertainment.

RIIZE debuted with “Get A Guitar” and achieved million-selling albums.

RIIZE is making a comeback with their new song “Talk Saxy”!

This is the video of “Talk Saxy” posted on RIIZE’s official Twitter.

RIIZE’s fans were surprised by the sudden comeback announcement😆

The words “TALK SAXY” were lit up in the back, and RIIZE members dancing in front of it looked really cool!

It has a completely different atmosphere from their debut song “Get A Guitar”.

I’m wondering what the song title “Talk Saxy” means!

The word “Saxy” is said to be a combination of “saxophone” and “sexy”.

Certainly, the saxophone sound in the “Talk Saxy” video was impressive.

Let’s check out RIIZE’s comeback with “Talk Saxy” to see what kind of performance you will see♪