IZ*ONE’s new song “Secret Story of the Swan” MV released! Pay attention to the performance like a swan! !

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IZ*ONE born from Produce48.

IZ*ONE has been a hot topic before its debut, and has been hit with hit songs.

The 3rd mini album “Oneiric Diary” was released at 6pm on June 15th.

The MV of the title song “Secret Story of the Swan” has been released, so let me introduce it!

IZ*ONE (아이즈원) – 환상동화 (Secret Story of the Swan) MV

This is the MV for IZ*ONE “Secret Story of the Swan” released on June 16.

“Secret Story of the Swan” was talked about from the teaser video!

It was a different song from the previous song “FIESTA”.

It was a music video with a mysterious atmosphere.

The white, sparkly outfit has a high-class feel, and IZONE’s matureness was also felt.

The performance was also powerful and it was a wonderful performance.

The dance that reminds me of a swan was wonderful as the title says.

I want to see it live soon!

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The MV of the finally released “Secret Story of the Swan”.

It was a mysterious MV that matched the title well.

IZ*ONE will continue to make comeback activities for each music program.

Please check it out!