What’s meaning of “Darumdarimda” ? In SEVENTEEN “Super(손오공)”, Mingyu’s part is addictive!


SEVENTEEN is a very popular boy group of 13 members.

Yesterday, October 23rd, SEVENTEEN released their new album “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN”, and the album’s sales are breaking new records.

This time I will introduce the lyrics of SEVENTEEN’s popular song “Super(손오공)”!

This is the MV of SEVENTEEN’s “Super(손오공)” that has been released on YouTube.

“Super(손오공)” is a song that has an impact from the title, and their dance performance is really cool.

When SEVENTEEN performed “Super(손오공)” at concert, their performance is very powerful and “Super(손오공)” has become a popular song among CARAT.

The lyrics of “Super(손오공)” are also popular, and when you listen to it, you feel a sense of power.

Among CARAT, the lyrics of “DARUMDARIMDA” are becoming a hot topic!

“DARUMDARIMDA” is sung by Mingyu, and it’s addictive.

“DARUMDARIMDA” seems to have the meaning of “fierce” in Hindi.

The lyrics are perfect for the concept of “Super(손오공)” and will make you addicted to it😆

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