SEVENTEEN Hoshi liked BTS J-HOPE’s “HoRanghae” posts on Instagram! The photos of tiger are so cute!

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BTS J-HOPE is very popular all over the world.

J-HOPE’s personal Instagram has attracted attention, and photos and stories are updated frequently.

J-HOPE posted the photos of tiger on his Instagram!

These are photos posted on BTS J-HOPE’s personal Instagram.

The photos of a tiger with a Christmas tree on its head were posted.

There was a cute comment saying “HoRanghae 🐯”.

SEVENTEEN Hoshi liked this J-HOPE’s post!

Hoshi is famous as a member who likes tigers and often says “HoRanghae”.

“HoRanghae” is a combination of “호랑이(tiger)” and “사랑해 (I love you)”.

J-HOPE and Hoshi are good dancers, so I would like to see their collaboration stage someday.

Let’s check out the future BTS J-HOPE’s Instagram posts ♪