The GUESS’s perfume using SEVENTEEN Jeonghan is very popular!

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13-member popular boy group SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN is preparing for the release of their new album “Your Choice”.

This time, I would like to introduce the GUESS perfume used by Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN!

The photos of Jeonghan in the magazine 1st Look.

Blonde and long-haired Jeonghan was very handsome!

Jeonghan with roses looked good and looked like a prince who was too beautiful.

Jeonghan had a perfume of GUESS at this time, the perfume named “GUESS Bella Vita Rosa”.

It seems that there are a lot of shopping sites that are already sold out, probably because of the popularity of Jeonghan!

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Today, June 7th, the concept trailer for SEVENTEEN’s new album “Your Choice” was released.

It’s like a sweet concept, I’m wondering what kind of new song it is!

Please check the concept trailer too ♪