The DIOR necklace that SEVENTEEN Jeonghan wore at the airport is a gift from Joshua! ? SEVENTEEN departs for Japan!

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Jeonghan and Joshua who are active in SEVENTEEN.

Jeonghan and Joshua are the same members born in 1995, and they are good friends.

Today, May 2nd, SEVENTEEN has left for Japan!

These are the video and photos of SEVENTEEN at the airport posted on the official Instagram of KOREA DISPATCH.

S.Coups was not there, but 12 members are appeared.

Jeonghan wore red tops and sunglasses.

Jeonghan took out Banila Co’s cleansing balm from the bag.

And Jeonghan wore a DIOR necklace of the gift from Joshua!

Jeonghan often wears this DIOR necklace.

I felt the friendship between Jeonghan and Joshua, and it was a wonderful airport fashion for CARAT 😆

Joshua’s airport fashion was also cool, so let’s check it out ♪