“Look Here” and “I Like it” too! BTS ROOM LIVE preview cut released!

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“BTS FESTA 2021” started on June 2nd.

BTS’s new profiles and many photos have been released.

A preview cut of BTS ROOM LIVE to be broadcast on June 11 has been released!

This is a preview cut of “BTS ROOM LIVE” posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

As the title of “ROOM LIVE” says, the room-like set was cute.

Hashtags for this tweet are “UGH”, “I Like It”, “Look Here”, “Telepathy”.

I’m sure the song titles were sung at ROOM LIVE, and they were rare songs.

Especially “Look Here” is rarely shown, so I’m really looking forward to it 😆

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Not only “ROOM LIVE” but also the preview image of the set list of the “SOWOOZOO” concert is posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

Agust D’s “大吹打” are hidden, and I’m also curious about the “SOWOOZOO” setlist!

Don’t miss both “ROOM LIVE” and “SOWOOZOO” ♪