SEVENTEEN “Heng: garæ” recorded song “Fearless” is a topic! What is connection with “Fear”?


SEVENTEEN will make a comeback with their new album “Heng: garæ” on June 22nd.

The pre-sale number has exceeded the million seller!

SEVENTEEN is becoming more and more popular.

The track list for the new SEVENTEEN album “Heng: garæ” has been released!

This is the track list for SEVENTEEN “Heng: garæ”.

The other day, the “My My” MV was released, and it was already popular.

The title of “Fearless” became a hot topic in the track list released this time!

The last title of SEVENTEEN was “Fear”.

“Fear” and “Fearless” seem to have something to do with the title.

Maybe “Fearless” is a song full of hope.

I am looking forward to the release!

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The tracklist for the finally released SEVENTEEN new album “Heng: garæ”.

The title of “Fearless” was a hot topic!

I’m interested in the connection with “Fear”.

Please check it out!