In The Soop pop-up will be held! Are there BTS and SEVENTEEN merchandise?

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BTS’s popular program “In The Soop”.

Recently, SEVENTEEN’s “In The Soop” has started, and CARAT are enjoying it.

It was announced that “In The Soop” pop-up will be held!

This is a tweet posted on the official Twitter account of “In The Soop”.

The other day, a notice was released, and it was rumored that the second version of BTS’s “In The Soop” would be released, but it was an announcement of pop-up.

There is “WITH BTS and SEVENTEEN”, so ARMY and CARAT are a must-see!

The pop-up location is “The Hyundai Seoul”.

I’m also wondering if BTS and SEVENTEEN related merchandise will be released 😎

Don’t miss the upcoming “In The Soop” pop-up announcement ♪