The lyrics of SEVENTEEN “Fearless” are hot topics! Focus on the relevance to “Fear” !!

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SEVENTEEN has released their new album “Heng: garæ”.

The MV for “Left&Right” has also been released.

Not only the title song “Left&Right”, but also the recorded songs are attracting attention.

The most exciting thing is “Fearless”.

Relationship with “Fear” announced by SEVENTEEN last time has become a hot topic!

The lyrics used in “Fear” were also used in “Fearless”!

The lyrics that Joshua sang in “Fear” are sung by Jeonghan in “Fearless”.

The combination of Joshua and Jeonghan is also wonderful.

There were some other lyrics that seemed to be related to “Fear”.

Fear: “Nothing lasts forever, Knowing that, I still CANT end it ”

Fearless: ” Nothing lasts forever, Knowing that, I now CAN end it”

In Fear, SEVENTEEN was singing “I can’t finish it”, but in Fearless it was changed to “I can finish it”!

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“Fearless” recorded in SEVENTEEN’s new album “Heng: garæ”.

The lyrics related to the previous song “Fear” were wonderful.

Please check it out!