Jeonghan’s gray hair and Wonwoo’s highlights are cool! SEVENTEEN “POWER OF LOVE” is a hot topic!

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The popular KPOP idol SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN held an online concert “POWER OF LOVE” on November 14th today.

In “POWER OF LOVE”, Jeonghan and Wonwoo’s hair color change became a hot topic!

These are photos of “POWER OF LOVE” posted on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter account.

Unfortunately, THE 8 and Jun are in China, so they couldn’t participate in “POWER OF LOVE”.

But they posted photos watching “POWER OF LOVE” together.

In the group photo, Dino had Jun and Hoshi had THE 8’s image picket, and I could feel the friendship of the performance team.

And Jeonghan’s hair color was gray!

It also looks like green hair, and it looks great on Jeonghan 😆

In addition, Wonwoo had hilights in his hair and was very cool.

Let’s check out SEVENTEEN’s cool performance on “POWER OF LOVE” ♪