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Mingyu and Wowoo are roommates! ? Introduction to the room allocation for SEVENTEEN lodgings !!

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SEVENTEEN is back with the new song “Left&Right”.

The sales of the new album “Heng: garæ” have surpassed the million sellers and proved popular.

This time, I would like to introduce you to the room allocation for SEVENTEEN!

It was talked about room allocation in the dormitory on the radio that SEVENTEEN appeared on.

Most of the members said they use a single room, but Wonwoo shares a room with Mingyu!

It’s an interesting room allocation because only Wonwooand Mingyu share a room.

Wonwoo has only his computer put in the S.COUPS room, and sometimes he sleeps in the S.COUPS bed .

It was a talk where you can feel the goodness of the rap team!

I was surprised to have room-shared .

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SEVENTEEN is a strong bond between members.

SEVENTEEN’s room allocation is interesting because Mingyu and Wonwoo share a room.

Please check the stage of the new song “Left&Right”♪