What’s meaning of “TteokTwiSoon”, SVT BSS’s fandom name? A name related to food?


BooSeokSoon (BSS), a unit of SEVENTEEN.

BooSeokSoon (BSS) is making a comeback with the new song “Fighting” and is taking first place on various music programs.

BooSeokSoon’s fandom name “TteokTwiSoon” was decided !

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= mBXBOLG06Wc

The name of SEVENTEEN’s fandom is CARAT.

The meaning of “TteokTwiSoon” comes from “Tteokbokki”, “Twigim” and “Sundae”!

It was a name that combined the initials of food, and it was a unique fan name like BooSeokSoon.

Let’s check out if BooSeokSoon’s “Fighting” can win 1st place in future music programs♪