NCT Doyoung released a photo with SEVENTEEN Hoshi! The friendship between two people of the same age(96line) is talked about! !!


NCT U made a comeback with the new song “Make A Wish”.

NCT U has won a lot of 1st place in “Make A Wish”.

This time, I will introduce a good friend photo with SEVENTEEN Hoshi posted by NCT ​​U Doyoung!

Here is a two-shot photo with SEVENTEEN Hoshi posted on NCT U Doyoung’s Instagram story.

SEVENTEEN also made a comeback with the new song “HOME; RUN”.

The two got together on a music program and Doyoung posted a commemorative photo.

Doyoung and Hoshi were born in 1996, and their friendship was not well known until now.

Doyoung and Hoshi are both popular idols, so I hope them will continue to show us a lot of good friends!

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NCT Jaehyun and SEVENTEEN Mingyu are also famous for their good friends.

Other Chinese members NCT DREAM Chenle and Renjun have friendship with SEVENTEEN Jun and THE8.

I would like to see the collaboration stage between NCT and SEVENTEEN someday!

Let’s check the activities of the two groups in the future ♪