What is the meaning of “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi) ” by SEVENTEEN Jeonghan? StrayKids LeeKnow and ENHYPEN Sunoo got confused! ?

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SEVENTEEN Jeonghan is popular all over the world.

Jeonghan has various charms.

The new word “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi) ” created by Jeonghan is likely to be popular!

This is V Live broadcasted by SEVENTEEN Jeonghan and Seungkwan on November 26th.

They were eating together.

“신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi) ” was introduced in this V Live. (Around 13 minutes)

“신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi) ” is based on Jeonghan’s comment on Weverse, and seems to come from the meaning of “싱기 방기 (very mysterious)”.

“싱기 방기” seems to be a word often used by young people, emphasizing “신기 하다 (mysterious)”.

Then, Jeonghan arranged “싱기 방기” to make “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi) “.

Jeonghan says it’s a word that can be used in various situations.

Also Stray Kids LeeKnow said this “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi) “!

This is the V live that was broadcasted by Stray Kids LeeKnow on November 27th.

There was “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi)” in the comment from the fan, and LeeKnow was reading it mysteriously. (Around 8 minutes and 10 seconds)

Jeonghan saw the V Live, and he was laughed because LeeKnow got confused at “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi)”.

And fans commented about “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi)” at V Live broadcasted by ENHYPEN Sunoo on December 22nd.

Sunoo seemed to think it was a new buzzword among young people and was surprised to find that it was a word created by Jeonghan !

Thanks to CARAT, “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi)” is becoming more and more famous.

I’m sure other idols will say “신기방기 뿡뿡방기 (shingibanggi bboong bboong banggi)”, so let’s check it out ♪