Weaving kit! ? SEVENTEEN will make a comeback with’; [Semicolon]’ !!

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Quote from:http://www.seventeen-17.com/
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Popular boys group SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN’s last album’헹가래 [Heng: garæ]’ has achieved a million seller.

SEVENTEEN has announced that they will release a special album’; [Semicolon]’!

Quote: http://www.seventeen-17.com/

In the first limited edition, 13 types of albums will be released for each member.

In addition, various items such as mini cards, photo cards, posters, etc. are included.

Weaving kit is one of the hottest topics!

Quote: http://www.seventeen-17.com/

This is the weaving kit that comes with the first limited edition.

It comes with a manual, and it seems that you can make something with string and needle.

CARAT were surprised at the weaving kit .

It’s going to be a fresh album like never before.

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The first teaser video for’; [Semicolon]’ was posted on YouTube.

SEVENTEEN members who are playing in gorgeous costumes seemed to have fun.

Please check that out too ♪