HYBE’s new office building in Yongsan is a hot topic! Also museum where ARMY and MOA can enter!

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Big Hit Entertainment to which BTS and TXT belong.

It was announced that the company name of BigHit Entertainment change to “HYBE”.

HYBE’s new building has become a hot topic!

This is a presentation video of HYBE posted on YouTube.

There was an explanation about HYBE’s new office building in the video.

HYBE’s new office building is located at the Yongsan Trade Center in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and has 19 floors above ground and 7 floors below ground.

The building is divided into three sections: entertainment production section, office section, and employee’s welfare section.

In the image video of entering from the entrance, it’s simple design was wonderful!

There is a library / lounge and a fitness center.

And, there is a space called “Forum” on the 19th floor, which seems to be a place where people can communicate and rest.

Partnering with “FRITZ”, HYBE’s office cafe will be open, and the logo design is cute 😁

There will be a museum space open to the public in the basement, and it’s going to be a special place for ARMY and MOA, KPOP fans!

Please check the information of HYBE in the future ♪