BTS members go on to graduate school! Where is the university? An idol who does schoolwork properly !!

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The idol BTS that remains in the history of KPOP.

BTS recently held an online concert and it was a great success.

I found out that such BTS members went on to graduate school!

Jin originally graduated from graduate school, and at that time it became a hot topic.

This time, BTS’s 5 members, excluding Jung Kook, RM, SUGA, JHOPE, Jimin, and V will go on to graduate school, which became a global news!

The university is Hanyang Cyber ​​University, which Jin also graduated.

It seems that BTS members passed the interview online and passed successfully.

It was rumored that military service might have led to graduate school, but they were motivated to study.

It’s amazing that just graduating from university is great, but I was surprised that BTS members will go on to graduate school.

While BTS is busy, they are doing their schoolwork perfectly, which is amazing!

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BTS is active worldwide.

BTS members announced that they are going on to graduate school and became a hot topic.

When you look at BTS, you think you have to study hard.

We will continue to support the success of BTS♪