What is the price the house BTS Jungkook bought in Itaewon ? The distance from BTS’s dorm is a hot topic !!


Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.

Jungkook is nicknamed “Golden Maknae” because he has all the talents for singing, dancing, exercising, and painting.

It’s been talked about that Jungkook bought a house in Itaewon!

Jungkook bought a house in Itaewon for 7.63 billion won.

The area of the house is about 230 square meters, and the site area is about 637 square meters, which is a big house.

The distance from the BTS dormitory to the house Jungkook bought is also a hot topic among ARMY!

The house purchased by Jungkook and the dormitory where BTS lives are about 5 minutes away by car.

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Jungkook has bought an apartment before, but the apartment has already been sold.

Jungkook is amazing even though he is still young to buy a great house!

I’m looking forward to the success of BTS in 2021 ♪