Jin is praised at the BTS debut anniversary party! Jin, who makes his ears bright red, is too cute! !

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Quote from:YouTube
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BTS debut anniversary party held on June 13.

In the seven years since BTS’s debut, BTS has told us a lot of stories we haven’t heard before.

Especially BTS’s Jin was praised by the members a lot!

SUGA said “Jin has been unchanged since the past.”.

Jimin said “The word hard worker is the best match for Jin.”

RM “Jin had a special lesson when BTS was active ON. It’s not something Jin can do in his 7th year since debut.” and Jin were praised by the members.

It’s wonderful that Jin’s hard work is known only to members!

I didn’t know that Jin had a private lesson when BTS was at ON.

Jin is always the entertaining member, but he is as passionate as he is.

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Jin who is especially passionate among hard-working BTS.

Seven years after his debut, his attitude has not changed.

Because of Jin’s efforts, BTS was able to shine so far.

It was a wonderful episode♪