Where is the tattoo of BTS Yoongi(SUGA)? His friendship tattoo is a hot topic !

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BTS SUGA (Yoongi) is so popular.

SUGA (Yoongi) has a wide range of music activities and has collaborated with various artists.

Yesterday, August 24th, SUGA (Yoongi) broadcasted Weverse Live!

A lot of KPOP idols broadcasts live on Weverse these days.

This time, Yoongi broadcasted alone.

A little while ago, Yoongi’s Vlog was released, and the cutting board he made for BTS members became a hot topic.

Yoongi’s friendship tattoo is a hot topic!

I heard that Yoongi got his friendship tattoo, and he said, “I won’t tell you where I got it(tattoo)” and “try to find it(tattoo).”

I want to know where is Yoongi’s tattoo.

By the way, the location of the other BTS members’ friendship tattoos was the ankle for RM, on the calf for J-HOPE, behind the ear for Jungkook, and on the back for Jin.

Find out where Yoongi’s tattoo is in future BTS activities♪