BTS announces new program “IN THE SOOP BTS ver.”!


BTS is popular for its cool stage performance.

BTS is popular not only for stage performances but also for posting on original programs and SNS.

BTS’ new reality program “IN THE SOOP BTS ver.” has been announced!

Quote : BigHit Entertainment

This is the visual image of the new BTS program “IN THE SOOP BTS ver.”

SOOP means forest, and it seems that BTS spends a slow time in the forest.

The photo also showed BTS members relaxing in nature.

By the way, it seems that the concept of “IN THE SOOP BTS ver.” is “everyday and rest, in between.”

In particular, the fashion of Taehyung and RM attracted attention!

Both were wearing short pant!

It was a rare fashion that we can hardly see in stage fashion.

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BTS that announced the new program “IN THE SOOP BTS ver.”

It seems that broadcasting will start on August 19th.

I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like!

Please check it out♪