IZ*ONE Chaeyeon & Nako appear on TWICE’s Instagram! ? Chaeyeon, who is taught dance by Nayeon, is a hot topic!

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TWICE, a popular girls group belonging to JYP Entertainment.

The stage at 2020 MAMA and the year-end song festival was also gorgeous.

It’s been talked about that IZ*ONE members have appeared in TWICE Instagram photos!

This is a photo posted on TWICE’s official Instagram on January 3rd.

The comment was written as “Thank you ONCE for the New Year’s gifts💜”.

TWICE members are posing of “CRY FOR ME” in front of the mirror, which pleased the fans from the New Year.

The topic was IZ*ONE Chaeyeon and Nako Yabuki in the back of the members!

You can see a person like Chaeyeon with Nayeon on the far right.

Chaeyeon seems to be taught some dance by Nayeon, and it looks like the choreography of “FANCY”!

A person like Nako Yabuki wearing a mask was on the far left, which was a hot topic.

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IZ*ONE Chaeyeon was a JYP trainee and also participated in the audition program SIXTEEN where TWICE was born.

I still don’t know why Chaeyeon and Nako are in TWICE’s practice room, but it was an interesting photo.

Please check out the future activities of Chaeyeon and Nako ♪