With a hair band, StrayKids Hyunjin and ITZY Yeji are similar! Yeji at MBC Gayo Daejeon is very cool!

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StrayKids and ITZY who belong to JYP Entertainment.

Both groups are popular for their cool performances.

Recently, it has been talked about that StrayKids Hyunjin and ITZY Yeji are similar among KPOP fans.

Yeji with a hair band on the stage of “Not Shy” that ITZY performed at the MBC Gayo Daejeon on December 31, 2020 looks like Hyunjin !

ITZY “Not Shy”, which was shown at the MBC Gayo Daejeon, was arranged differently than usual.

Their performance with the dancers was very cool!

In addition, Yeji wore a black hair band, which made me feel like a girl crush.

The dance break that Yeji showed was also insanely cool!

Hyunjin used to wear a black hairband, and if you compare this Yeji you can see that they are very similar.

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Hyunjin and Yeji are the members in charge of dance in their respective groups.

I would like to see the two dance together someday!

We also support the future activities of StrayKids and ITZY ♪