Boucheron’s ring worn by BTS Taehyung(V)& Jimin is beautiful at TMA2021!

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“2021 THE FACT MUSIC AWARD (TMA2021)” held on October 2nd.

Many popular idols such as Super Junior, BTS, SEVENTEEN, and OH MY GIRL appeared and became a hot topic.

On the red carpet before the award ceremony, the outfits of each group attracted attention!

These are photos of TMA2021 posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

The first photo was the outfit that appeared on the red carpet.

The outfits of BTS this time was VALENTINO, and everyone was cool.

Not only the outfits, but also the accessories BTS wore became a hot topic!

The accessory brand that BTS wore was BOUCHERON, which was a famous accessory.

Taehyung (V) and Jimin wore ring that is similar design.

J-HOPE and Jungkook also wore BOUCHERON ring.

The ring that Jin and RM wore, and SUGA’s earrings were also beautiful !

BTS’s stage outfits at TMA were also cool, so let’s check them out ♪