BTS Jungkook’s reaction to I-LAND K(Kei) who couldn’t make his debut became a hot topic!!

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I-LAND reached its final round on September 18th.

Seven of the nine selected members have decided to debut as ENHYPEN.

The reaction of BTS Jungkook to K (Kei) who appeared in the final episode of I-LAND has become a hot topic!

This is Jungkook’s reaction when K (Kei) couldn’t make his debut and was speaking a comment.

It looks like Jungkook has a painful expression on K’s comments!

Actually, K and Jungkook were born in 1997 and are the same age.

Jungkook is currently active as BTS, but he seemed to understand the feelings that K has made.

K has been attracting attention for his excellent visuals and ability since the first time of I-LAND, and he was a popular member from both trainers and fans.

It was a surprising result for everyone to miss his debut.

It’s a pity that K can’t make his debut as ENHYPEN, but I hope he will play an active role as a different group as soon as possible !!

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In addition to K, Japanese members also appeared on I-LAND.

Niki has become the only Japanese member of ENHYPEN.

It was a pity that K couldn’t make his debut, but we are supporting the future activities of ENHYPEN and K ♪