BTS V became that character! ? V showed the picture drawn by ARMY! !


Global star BTS.

The world tour has been postponed, but recently he has been broadcasting a lot of V-lives.

SUGA solo was released the other day.

This time, I would like to introduce BTS V posted on Twitter and got the pictures from fans!

This is a tweet from V posted on BTS official Twitter on May 25th.

There was a comment with

“Army painted me ☺” .

It was a picture of V looking at the picture drawn by ARMY.

V in “Boy with Luv” is drawn like Simpsons, which is a cute picture!

You can see that V makes you want to decorate your room.

I’m sure that ARMY who posted it will be happy.

The feeling of valuing the fans of V has been transmitted.

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BTS V loved by the world.

BTS seems to be preparing for the new album.

I want to listen to new songs soon ♪