BTS Taehyung(V) wore Supreme T-shirt at Harry styles concert ! Let’s check his cute fashion♪


BTS will appear at 2021 AMAs on November 22nd (23rd in the US).

BTS has arrived in the United States and posted various photos.

Yesterday, on November 20th, photos at the Harry Styles concert were posted!

These are photos posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

J-HOPE, Jimin, Taehyung(V), and Jungkook visited at Harry Styles concert.

Each of them wore their own clothes, and Jungkook wore a leopard print hoodie.

Taehyung wore a Supreme T-shirt!

It was cute fashion and perfect for a concert.

J-HOPE and Jimin wore hats and all of them were also cool 😆

Let’s check out the BTS performance at 2021AMAs ♪