BTS Jungkook sang “Beautiful” of “Goblin” OST ! He posted beautiful voice in the story of Instagram ♪


Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS.

The other day, Jungkook was infected with the coronavirus.

On Instagram, Jungkook has posted various posts for ARMY.

Yesterday, March 30th, Jungkook sang “Beautiful” of the drama “Goblin” OST !

“Goblin” was a big hit drama in 2016, and the OST “Beautiful” was also very popular.

Many idols and singers cover it.

Also in 2017, Jungkook posted the singing of “Beautiful” on Twitter.

“Beautiful” sung by Jungkook is so beautiful😆

Jungkook replied to many questions from ARMY with some interesting answers.

I want to get well soon and see Jungkook perform with BTS members ♪