I-LAND preview video where BTS appears is released !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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Big Hit Entertainment to which BTS and TXT belong.

Big Hit Entertainment’s new audition program “I-LAND” has become popular recently.

And BTS will appear on I-LAND which will be broadcast on August 14th!

A trailer video of I-LAND, in which BTS appears, has been released and has become a hot topic.

This is a preview video of I-LAND released on August 11.

BTS members were shown entering the I-LAND studio.

I was interested how BTS will appear, but it seems that BTS actually come to the studio.

The scene where V was sitting on the floor was cute.

After all, BTS has an aura and it’s really cool.

I want to see the next I-LAND soon!

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I-LAND is getting more and more attention due to the appearance of BTS.

It’s fun to see trainees growing up in various missions every time.

Please check it out♪