Taehyung appears in BTS JHOPE’s V-live! Cute hairstyle!!

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BTS who are good friends like a family.

A world tour was scheduled to be held in 2020, but it has been postponed due to the coronavirus.

BTS has been broadcasting a lot of V-lives lately so as not to make sad ARMY sad.

I introduce V-Live broadcast by JHOPE on June 24th!

Taehyung came to JHOPE’s V-live to sew in between recordings.

His cute hairstyle was also wonderful!

Taehyung was watching JHOPE making accessories with beads.

Today’s Taehyung was also cute.

The relationship between JHOPE and Taehyung seems to be a sibling, and it was a V-live that makes me feel at ease!

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BTS that keeps ARMY entertained while being busy.

JHOPE made bead bracelets for ARMY at this V-live.

The appearance of Tete was also good.

Please check it out!