Kookmin’s blue hair is a hot topic! Pay attention to Jungkook and Jimin’s hair color on Winter pakage 2021!


BTS announces various contents.

Not only albums, but also annual products such as season greetings and summer packages are popular.

BTS’s 2021 winter package preview video has been released!


This is a video of BTS’s winter package released on January 27th.

BTS lit a match and stared at the camera.

In the next scene, the music of “Life Goes On” was played and BTS enjoyed at the ski resort.

BTS changed into a winter costume and it was a cute fashion .

Among ARMY, Jungkook’s hairstyle attracted attention!

At this time, Jungkook had long hair and had a hairstyle with a blue mesh.

You were surprised at the hairstyle you have never seen before.

Jimin also had a blue hair color, and Kookmin had a matching hair color !

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Recently, Jungkook became a hot topic at GDA because he was blonde.

Jungkook hairstyle is also different in Winter pakage, and he always has a different hairstyle!

Please check the information on 2021 winter package ♪