Stray Kids Hyunjin’s flower tattoo is so beautiful ! He performed “MANIAC” in sexy outfits!

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Stray Kids Hyunjin is very popular all over the world.

Hyunjin in the new song “MANIAC” has red hair, and his hair color change attracted attention.

Today, Stray Kids performed the comeback stage of “MANIAC” at M COUNTDOWN broadcast on March 31st!

This is Hyunjin’s fancam at Stray Kids “MANIAC” released on YouTube.

Many members of Stray Kids were infected with the coronavirus, and it was difficult to make a comeback activity, but the activity has finally resumed.

It’s the first time Stray Kids has performed “MANIAC” at M COUNTDOWN, and STAY was looking forward to it.

The outfit for M COUNTDOWN this time was white, and Felix, Bang Chan, and Hyunjin wore sexy outfits.

Hyunjin’s flower tattoo has become a hot topic!

Hyunjin had tattoos at ”Artist Of The Month” and TMA2021, and his flower tattoo this time was also wonderful.

I don’t know if it’s real tattoo or not, but the artistic flower design suits Hyunjin very well 😆

Furthermore, Hyunjin was the ending fairy in this “MANIAC”!

Hyunjin did cute ending.

Let’s check out Hyunjin’s performance at Stray Kids “MANIAC” that will be unveiled in the future ♪