BTS RM’s TOEIC score was 915 ! Pay attention to his genius brain !!

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RM, who is the leader of BTS.

RM has excellent English ability, and he is showing good English even in overseas performances.

The TOEIC score of RM has become a hot topic!

It was revealed on V Live by RM on the night of January 19th.

When RM was a junior high school student, he received a TOEIC score of 850, but in the TOEIC test he took again in the summer of 2020, he got 915 points !

TOEIC has a perfect score of 990, so it’s a very high score.

Moreover, RM said that his listening was almost perfect and he failed a little with questions of reading.

BTS has a lot of work abroad, so you can see that RM has high communication skills in English.

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RM’s TOEIC score became a hot topic, and the word related to “TOEIC 915” became a trend on Twitter.

BTS members are always in the trend and have a great influence!

There were many other interesting talk on RM’s V Live, so please check them out ♪