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BTS V’s pet dog Yeontan’s birthday is trending! Memorial events are too great! ? ARMY around the world celebrates Yeontan !!

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BTS has global popularity.

BTS recently proved popular by winning 1st place in “Billboard Hot 100”.

September 7th is the birthday of BTS V’s pet dog Yeontan!

This is a video of V’s pet dog, Yeontan.

The backstage video when BTS was active in “IDOL” is still popular.

Yeontan was also visiting the dressing room of BTS.

In addition to V, Yeontan is loved by all BTS members, and is enviable for ARMY!

Many voices of ARMY saying “I want to be Yeontan in the next generation!” .

Advertising to celebrate Yeontan’s birthday is also huge!

In the Philippines, Yeontan’s advertisement was light up in the MOA, and the movements of ARMY around the world, such as dog food charity activities, are attracting attention!

Not only BTS, but pet’s birthday is too great.

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Yeontan became 3 on his birthday on September 7, 2020.

By the time V started to raise Yeontan, Yeontan was very small, but now Yeontan is growing big.

I would also like to see a good friend video of Yeontan and V.

Happy Yeontan Day !!