BTS JungKook is naked and hugs Jin! ? Photos posted by Jin are hot topics !!


All members are good friends BTS.

BTS posts SNS and V-live every day.

This time, I would like to introduce the photos posted by BTS Jin!

Here is a photo of Jin posted on BTS’s official Twitter on July 2nd.

“Jungkook interferes with photography. And SeokJin gives it as it is”

Jungkook seems to have blocked Jin’s photo shoot .

Jin who posted it is also interesting.

In the second and third photos posted by Jin, you can see Jung Kook,didn’t wear any clothes!

It’s too interesting for Jungkook to interfere with Jin’s photography naked.

ARMY were excited to see this photo.

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BTS always post interesting photos.

This time Jin posted a photo with Jung Kook.

I was surprised at the naked Jung Kook.

I’m looking forward to the next BTS post♪