BTS SUGA’s black cat on Birkin bag is a hot topic!


BTS Yoongi (SUGA) is very popular all over the world.

Yoongi (SUGA) is holding a world tour “D-DAY”, and he is having a good time with ARMY around the world.

Today, May 19th, Yoongi (SUGA) returned to Korea!

The video of BTS Yoongi (SUGA) at the airport has been posted on YouTube.

Yoongi(SUGA) wore black fashion.

And, the black cat item attached to Yoongi’s Birkin bag caught our attention!

Speaking of Yoongi, photos of a black cat used to be a hot topic.

I still don’t know what kind of relationship black cat and Yoongi have, but the reason may be revealed in the future.

From now on, Yoongi will hold a ‘D-DAY’ performance in Japan as well.

Let’s check it out♪