ITZY Yeji introduced episode with NiziU on V-live !!


The group NiziU was first born in Japan from JYP.

NiziU, which has been a hot topic since the audition, is very popular.

ITZY Yeji was talking about an episode with NiziU on V-live!

This is a V-live broadcast by ITZY Yeji.

She was talking about meeting NiziU often in the V live.

NiziU is also practicing at JYP right now, so it seems that NiziU often meet ITZY in the practice room.

Yeji says, “NiziU gave me a solid greeting and everyone was beautiful and cute.”

I want to see the co-starring of ITZY and NiziU someday!

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ITZY and NiziU who belong to JYP.

The relationship between the two groups that I couldn’t quite hear was known.

I’m looking forward to the success of ITZY and NiziU in the future♪