SUGA has fallen! ? V’s reaction is too cute BODY FRIEND’s CM ♪


BTS popular in the advertising world

The commercials in which BTS appears make you want to buy that product without thinking.

This time, I will introduce the CM of the massage chair that SUGA and V of BTS appeared.

바디프랜드 BTS TVCF #1 Recharges (30초)

SUGA tries to take water while lying down, and gives up out of reach.

He ended up sleeping.

It was the usual SUGA-like video.

It was a massage chair that V who was surprised to see such SUGA hurriedly took SUGA on his back.

SUGA’s pleasant face was great.

V to see the face of SUGA who seemed to be happy was also very pretty.

When I looked at the two of them, I felt a little relaxed.

The massage chair of this place seems to sell, too!

It was a fun BTS SUGA and V commercial♪