V’s handsome ending is a hot topic! BTS performed “Dynamite” at NBC Today Citi Music Series !!

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BTS whose new song “Dynamite” won the 1st place in “Billboard Hot 100”.

BTS’s first recoed as a Korean singer is attracting attention.

BTS performed “Dynamite” at NBC Today Citi Music Series!

This is the stage of BTS “Dynamite” that was shown at NBC Today Citi Music Series.

The sea background and blue costumes were a cool stage!

V and RM wearing sunglasses were also cool.

Everyone was cool, but the ending of V became a hot topic!

The ending of “Dynamite” is always V, and the ending that changes every time is attracting attention.

The ending of V on this stage was looking at the camera after removing the sunglasses!

V’s blonde hairstyle looks great, and it was a really cool ending.

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In the NBC Today Citi Music Series, BTS also performed the stage of “ANPANMAN” in addition to “Dynamite”.

The performance of “ANPANMAN” after a long time has become a hot topic!

Please check that out too ♪