BTS Jungkook wearing glasses is too cool !!

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BTS’s Manne, Jungkook.

He was born in 1997 and has received a lot of love from his brother’s members.

Always handsome, Jungkook is a hot topic all over the world every time his hairstyle changes.

Such Jungkook posted a rare wearing glasses!

“It’s a good song to sit alone and listen to, so it’s recommended.」

He introduced us to the song of the recommendation for ARMY.

FAIR GAME – Wednesday Afternoon [Official Audio]

Stay HOME is listed worldwide, so it’s a perfect song at that time.

It was a song I didn’t know much about, but it was good to know it thanks to Jungkook.

I’m sure ARMY will hear a lot from now on.

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In response to Jungkook’s tweet, ARMY from all over the world was wearing Jungkook’s glasses.

It is rare to post glasses!

The new Jungkook was fresh to be seen.

I look forward to a lot of fun bts posts in the future♪

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