BTS Jungkook’s perfume & toothpaste are hot topics! Kookjin’s cute behind-the-scene was released !!

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

Always bright BTS is full of energy even in the back stage.

In the BTS YouTube video released on January 12, the cute scene of Kookjin attracted attention!

This is BTS members video released on YouTube.

It was interesting that Jin and Jungkook were scribbling on each other’s belongings.

Jin was scribbling on Jungkook’s pouch, and fans talked about the toothpaste in Jungkook’s pouch!

The toothpaste used by Jungkook is AJONA’s toothpaste, which is from Germany.

Jungkook’s pouch contains not only toothpaste but also Oral-B dental floss, and you can see that Jungkook is taking good care of his tooth!

Jungkook’s perfume, which SUGA took out from another COOKY pouch, is also a hot topic!

The perfumes used by Jungkook were VT x BTS L’atelier Subtils Coton parfum and Forment For Men Signature perfume.

SUGA also used Jungkook’s perfume.

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Not only toothpaste and perfume, but also the COOKY pouch used by Jungkook is attracting attention among fans.

There are many BT21 goods,but I want to get same pouch that Jungkook has!

Please check that out too ♪