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Where is the MV shooting location of BTS “Permission to Dance”? Locations like the wilderness of the United States are talked about!

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BTS released a new song “Permission to Dance” on July 9th.

It’s a collaboration song with Ed Sheeran, and it’s already booming all over the world.

In the MV for “Permission to Dance”, the shooting location has become a hot topic!

These are photos posted on Instagram by art directors.

The coin laundry that appeared in the MV of “Permission to Dance” were built.

It was a MV that looked like it was shot in the wilderness of the United States.

Actually, it is said that the MV for “Permission to Dance” was shot in Incheon, South Korea !

You can feel their passion for the MV of “Permission to Dance” by making a nice building in an empty place like the wilderness.

I liked the wall with “THE WAIT IS OVER” so cute 😆

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In the MV for “Permission to Dance”, the performance using sign language attracted attention.

The live performance of “Permission to Dance” was also wonderful, so please check it out ♪