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BTS Jimin’s ponytail is cute! His Louis Vuitton piercings are stylish! Check out birthday V Live ♪

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Jimin is popular all over the world.

Jimin is a member with various charms and is loved by everyone.

Today, October 13th is BTS Jimin’s birthday, and V Live was broadcasted!

This is a birthday V Live broadcasted by BTS Jimin.

Jimin had his hair tied with a ponytail and he is very cute!

The perfect make-up Jimin is good, but no make’s Jimin also had a different cuteness.

Jimin had Louis Vuitton piercings !

The design of Louis Vuitton logo was simple and it was very stylish.

There are many ARMYs who like Jimin’s piercings.

At this Jimin’s birthday V Live, there was a scene where Jungkook and J-HOPE appeared.

There were many highlights, and it was a valuable V live for Jimin’s fan!

Let’s check it out ♪