What meanings of BTS RM’s “Wild Flower” lyrics ? It’s a beautiful MV !

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The leader of BTS, RM (Namjoon).

RM is highly praised for his excellent leadership ability as a reliable leader of BTS.

Today, December 2nd, the music video for RM’s solo song “Wild Flower (들꽃놀이)” was released!

This is the MV of BTS RM “Wild Flower (들꽃놀이)” released on YouTube.

Many ARMY were paying attention to RM’s solo activities.

It was a beautiful MV !

The lyrics of “Wild Flower” includes about “fireworks”.

I want to live like ‘Wild Flower’, not a ‘fireworks’ that is gorgeous but disappears quickly”

At the beginning of the song, there are lyrics that we can feel RM’s sincere wish.

A lot of ARMY are touched by the lyrics because there is something that not only RM but everyone can relate to!

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In “Wild Flower (들꽃놀이)”, Cherry Filter’s vocalist Cho Yujin sings.

Yujin’s powerful vocals and RM’s rap match, it was the great song!

Let’s check out the comeback activities of RM’s new album “Indigo” including “Wild Flower” which is about to begin♪