BTS Jin’s room was released ! His visual shines like a jewel!

Quote from:BigHit Entertainment twitter

BTS will release a new album “BE” on November 20th.

Concept photos and concept clips have been released.

BTS Jin’s concept photo was released on November 6th!

This is Jin’s room posted on the official Twitter account of Big Hit Entertainment.

It was a beautiful room based on purple!

Purple sofa, purple pants, and BTS color were used abundantly.

There were a lot of jewels on the desk, and the room had beautiful glittering lights.

“I’m Jin, the curator of this room. The biggest attraction of this room full of jewels is that you don’t know who the jewels are. ”

ARMY was happy to hear fun Jin’s comments !

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In the concept photos released so far, each member expressed a space full of individuality.

Jewels are the key point in Jin’s room this time, and I’m wondering how it will lead to future !

Please check out the concept photos of other members that will be released in the future ♪